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him directly then send him to create the feel of this it's called the torture to military juntas home and like a freezing secret room comrade shaffer and co gloom will all charged with gruesome experiments on jews concentration camps all were admitted to the united states is just some of an estimated thirty thousand dollars the war criminals brought to america many more were activated in europe decades of bombings that have kept europe in the states of tara are actually the work of nazis recruited by the white house top level officials in government and the cia confirmed former cia head bill colby calls gladio as the campaign is code named a quote major operation like the taksim square massacre and. snipers from a hotel shot into the crowds former prime minister. knows it was a club the old parisian by the u.s. who was leading scholar on operation gladio as dr daniel guns that he joins us
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great to see you what do you make of what's happened in ukraine snipers shooting both demonstrators and police men in my day and you know it reminded me of a stumble on the first of may you had. secret armies linked to nato firing on people there in the square and they stand created chaos and then you had a right wing military coup de gaulle reminds me of strategy of tension and it means that you create chaos and emotional distress in a population when you structure the political structure falls apart today we really must try to understand the strategy of tension because otherwise we don't understand certain political events which are ongoing this is president george h.w. bush creates in ukraine war criminal europe's lost disco personally oversee all reports on the murder of seven thousand jews in one thousand. he won he marched
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into kiev with the as this and issued a proclamation praising quote glory to the german leader adolf hitler president reagan close this go to the white house and told him you will struggle is our struggle your dream is our dream this go lead the ukraine knows the group be the form the infamous nasty go the telly and his group went from town to town liquidating entire jewish polish as well as ukrainian populations in total murdering some hope of a million cisco's notorious head of secret police make a little bit as the book hitler's shadow was convicted of murdering poland interior minister the group's publications called for if no genetically pure ukrainian territory in other words quote poaching poles and jews cia deputy and dollars wrote this letter to the immigration commissioner demanding to assure limits re entry into the united states without investigation which would attract undue attention to
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his activities foreign policy in focus notes llobet and stethoscope were just two of around ten thousand east european notes the accomplices brought to the us cia documents reveal paying massive salaries to nazi war criminals such as liberated and called them ukraine's government in exile waiting for the right time. these groups time has arrived organizations like liberty or u.m.p. have merged under the polity today called svoboda ukrainian national politicians now flock to these four border ceremonies with soldiers it knows the uniforms cornering us as war criminals elected officials were named a western ukrainian street from east to neck to go the battalion that massacred jews in ukraine and belarus is led by mr tighe table the simon wiesenthal. in
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twenty twelve named him one of the world's five worst anti semites who calls for quote ukraine of its last four hundred thousand jews technique books indorsed by john mccain and assistant secretary of state vic nuland who in a leaked conversation was caught no minutes in ukraine's post-coup leader's reward forceful but does fall and in the coup d'etat with six cabinet posts first nazis in government since the third reich first the vice presidents of new york's holocaust memorial committee points out new land of jewish descent when asked why she helps one of the world's most appalling anti semites replied that's a question for psychiatry to most psychotic behavior mainstream media have received perhaps the toughest white house assignment to date to convince the public there are no neo nazis in ukraine it comes as the country's fascist no go quote door to door in eastern ukraine if anyone is in they are beaten all short the holocaust
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memorial museum reports right off the coming to power to stop a agents went from door to door they arrested those who had spoken out against the nazi party some were murdered also stephen leatherman brute to give the leading experts in your book flash points in ukraine so explain some of the horrors taking place in the country so it's a lemon joins us great to speak to you how has the actual situation become rabbis hearing a case something very serious breaks out the idea of simple cloakroom if you should use one of the rare i said we hear sandy one in one community we asked sandy busters if you will ready to go on hashi's which is where they are in ukraine today oh literally descendants. of the early here want to. leaders to me to show you how roche
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a cold blooded killer quoted him say publicly as he boasted of a wanting to kill the jews to legalize i'm sure which if i was in ukraine and what i know about nancy your story. i don't wait around for a bus to take me. i mean you know right away fascist most global research news have become the military enforcers for the new ukraine government the us has financed the new ukraine national gold ripples also mug shots of those he called the as off but highly and emblem is a combination of the notes the black and the division roy london sunday times the patel ian is responsible for bloodshed against civilians schools revulsion amongst the population nato has begun gladio full fledged operations in ukraine according to u.s. intelligence sources quoted by author william angle the operation is led by
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rightwing extremist you in a politically parts of right sector one of ukraine's big two ultra nationalist coalitions which has kept its military free global research reports the u. and a provided the snipers who deliberately shot both their own supporters and the police to provoke violence during the protests in kiev we kill it cables from the u.s. embassy in kiev show the view in a fight in the walls from chechnya to georgia and all points out always on the u.s. side una behaves not like ukraine nationalists knows twenty first century was but as international paramilitaries for the us for so-called seawalls when terrorism is required it gives billions william angle joins us really great to have you won't what do we know about special operations in ukraine described to you as gladio. crania national assembly that you mentioned is. historically linked to ukrainian
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nazis not neo nazis but nazis during the second world war they were smuggled into north america canada and the us by the thousands after the war in the united states today there are stream lee powerful in washington. influence by one estimate over over half of the u.s. senate. to support from each extreme right wing ukrainian exiles neo nazis really take a very unusual term because it implies that it's not really real that they're just kind of doing make believe fantasy plays of theater salutes and so forth these are genuine if you want to use the term nazi is as a descriptive term these are genuine nazis the the un e and its parent or its military are have been used has been trained by nato and to commit atrocities and then have that blamed on the
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russians russians by the local populations in chechnya and elsewhere they've been used and they were used in the georgia war with russia in two thousand and eight you know what do you make of the consistent u.s. use of the very was dick stream it's now also in ukraine us a war if you will against humanity the people who had the cia and i've met a few of these characters over the years but the higher levels of the cia they come from harvard they come from yeah they come from princeton from the old families and that's kind of their private domain is that she is george herbert walker bush skull and bones you know the university james lilley skull and bones university cia and bastard in beijing during tenement square where he. by likely accounts orchestrated the town of uprising against the government they think they're very intelligent people but in reality they're extremely stupid people and i want to make a point about this for listeners why do i say stupid they're not an educated they
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have degrees a say from the so all elite universities they're stupid in a human sense that they think that they can kill people in odessa as an op as an operation they caught ox. well this is extremely stupid in the long run because they block out the interconnectedness of everything in the world really they're incapable mentally because of their literally psychopathic personality where they have been trained and. developed to block out any human emotions they are incapable of seeing these connections so what's being done in ukraine is going to have consequences for them for their. next of kin for their friends are all beyond and so forth very negative sort. what goes wrong comes from the u.s. created al qaida rand corporation knows that our network still expanding among
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they'll take decades to stop america jodie's from syria are now committing atrocities against the west the latest the shooting of three that's a jewish museum u.s. courts hold a sting of unreconstructed fascists may be a dangerous game to play seek truth from facts this is the truth. and. to try to.
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people are going to be good news for you. if you think every made. me. laugh oh well. like. this case is. sometimes for nothing. just me. just you still can still be just if you see the state aid to be with each other. it will. there's a new i'm a grown and i've got a polygamous family i'm looking for
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a woman who understands me really worried and i want her to share my goal of saving our people from extinction up to. i've had two failed marriages and she's had one. wish changed our attitude towards polygamous marriage and have decided to find a man to marry as. the machine i want to know women who could play a kids together with us. my dream is to have lots. of forty kids are going to do that with only one wife so it's impossible. some people say that when it happens to someone in time not a very nice one like a curtain falls down. if it's some point i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. even i was scared of what i'd done i punched but i didn't
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understand where i didn't want a man raising his hand the woman should. run from him. i ask everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. my has then became a controllable she felt that he couldn't do anything. why you're crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying too don't cry. engine it's what you tell it's vulgarized darwin science punishment for an uncommitted cry i was there are things to learn from being innately feeble minded still today for the few i don't know why. by the still the i don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology
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don't stop at just sterilizing and now go to the point of deaths. for years rarely discussed among till now really rather not talk about that right. but all told you my language is all but i will only react to situations i haven't read the reports so i'm not in a position to know i will leave them to stay current to comment on your latter point a month or two so it's six am a car is all you're talking no gonna. take care no more weasel words when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a battle print out a speech and down difference of caution.
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russia's embassy in care was attacked by rioters ukraine's top diplomat is seen siding with the vandals and directing some of his own foul language at the russian president. less than half of a day remains now for ukraine to honor its gas debt or else be put on a pre pay system and europe's worried with its own gas supply virtually held hostage kiev's when. the u.s. prepares a military launchpad for possible help for iraq as the country teeters on the brink of collapse terrorist dominate the north keeping baghdad in a cross. and was stopped.


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